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[28 May 2008|07:28pm]

As a fellow mod (of bleed_me_skinny) and avid lj’er for over 4 years I’m letting you know that visualgirly was in my community and when she started to post spam like on her journal. I mean like 10/15 posts a day about it and this is a direct quote from her info “I am a Prothinspoer... I am in love with visualization and thinspiration to keep myself skinny forever... Prothinspo.com is my guide to my lifestyle. I am a person who is always on the hunt for new celebrity gossip and diet tips.” Need more proof that she is a troll? Her lj is far less then a year old; she has over 1,000 friends and is spamming around 650 communities.

I have allot of friends on lj and everyone I know in many communities are very sick of her. I noticed that she was in your community and would just like to let you know the kind of person she is. She makes personal attacks to people if they post pics, and all she does is plug that stupid site that tells one how to get an eating disorder.

I am sick of seeing her everywhere I go and so are many of my friends.

Just make sure if you delete her posts you mark them as spam!

Just a warning, tell your friends…if it were up to me and many people I know she would be shut down like all the other trolls.

♠ Kelly

If anyone would like to join my community feel free….its a troll free zone. But if you join…post loads please :)
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[27 Nov 2006|01:43am]


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[09 Oct 2006|07:01pm]
Hi, everyone. I started college about a month and a half ago, and I was so excited about coming to college because it meant I wouldn't have my parents nagging me all the time to eat and stuff, but it's been really hard to not binge all the time-- people keep inviting me to go eat with them, there are very few "healthy" food options for when I actually do eat, etc. I really need some thinspiration or some advice or something. Can anyone help me?
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starting again [19 Sep 2006|10:14am]

[ mood | determined ]

ive been ana for going on 6 years now. on and off mostly, but she never really left me. i take addorall, smooke cigarettes, eat salads, and occasionally smoke a bit of cheeba. i have to quit that though, makes me too hungry. i know im fat. i have bulges and rolls and they're not pretty. i want to feel sexy again. i want to look better than a certain "her" i know. i will do it, and anyone with encouragement is more than welcome to give it. i may need it. im a bit lonely and would love a new ana friend to talk to.

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hey im new [02 Sep 2006|06:28pm]

hey all i am new to this group i am a freshman in college looking for people for friend ship and support i used to be mia when i was younger now its ednos (with ana and mia tendencies) i am a dance major at my college and to huge to put my weight up here ...... it starts with a 2 (yeah i know) i purged for the first time in a few monthes and it felt ok but i was kinda like here we go again ...... i am at my biggest weight ever in my life due to a summer of bingeing from the breakup with my fiance who cheated on me with 6 other girls and loss of my good friend (who is now bout to marry my same ex) grrrrr
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helppppp [28 Aug 2006|11:33pm]

hey girls...
need a hand...
i used to be ana/mia, and now i have put on so much weight due to ppl forcing me to.
Im passionate about this.
and really need ur guidance...
lets be friends!!! yay!
Any support?
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[15 Aug 2006|11:18am]

Hey everyone, It's me again. I hope this community is active, or else I am wasting my energy.

Yesterday I had a stick of low fat string cheese and diet coke. All day. Can anyone tell me if this is too little, even for ana? I was preparing for the fact that I am going to be forced to have a salad when we go out for dinner at my brother's birthday tonight. Also, I might have to have two full meals on Weds, which I really don't want to do. Whatever. If I don't eat at all on Thursday, will it make up for it??


<3 m.
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Hey! I'm new. [07 Aug 2006|09:29am]

Hi everyone!

I'm a 19 yr old college student. I have been mia since age 12, but never really lost any weight. About a year ago, I stopped the mia because I was scared of my teeth being gross. So about a month ago I tried to start the South Beach diet, and I lost about 25-28 lbs. Well, I really liked that feeling, and I started restricting even more out of my diet than South Beach stipulates. I lost a ton more. For about two weeks, I have been weening (sp?) myself off food. I had a fat-free yogurt on friday morning, then drank water and diet coke for the rest of the day. On sat I ate about a half salad because I went to lunch with my dad and couldn't help it, he'd flip out if I didn't eat. On Sunday I went out to luch with a girl who constantly picks on me for the way I peck at my food. I pretty much pushed the salad I ordered around the plate because she was making such a big deal about it (while all the while she ate 3 rolls with a ton of butter, a huge salad with chicken, and almost an entire plate of cheesy fries.), and a ton of water and diet coke. I am so mad at myself because today, Monday, was going to be my first day of complete fasting. But, this morning on my train ride to work, I was standing listening to my ipod when i realized that I couldn't really hear anything. I looked over and a women was motioning me to sit down and she looked really scared. She was like "Sit down, Sit down, you're losing your balance!" and I realized that I was totally passing out. So she got out of the train with me and told me she was a nurse and made me eat a stick of string cheese and down a bottle of water. I feel like such a failure. Does anyone have similar experiences? Does anyone have any tips on how not to pass out? I am new to ana so I have no idea how much or what (if anything) I should be eating each day...what is typical? I figure after that string cheese I am probably done for the day. Here are my stats:

Height: 5'5
Highest Weight: 194
Lowest Weight: 135
Current Weight: 169
Goal Weight: 120

I know I've got a loooooooooong way to go but any help, support, or tips would be really appreciated!!!

<3 m.
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hey [06 Aug 2006|06:08pm]

just joined. starting my first year of college in a couple weeks. i move in august 23...

i'm 5'9" and honestly don't know how much i weigh b/c i refuse to weigh myself until after next week. so... i'll tell you then... i have ed-nos. but mostly ana. this is my third summer with an ed. and like three people know about it. i started my LJ so i could be a part of THIS community. *giggle* so yeah...
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[13 Jul 2006|08:33am]

i_am_in_control: pro ana community
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Hey [12 Jul 2006|12:00pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hi everyone, just decided to join your community because I need some support and advice...anyway

Occupation: unemployed at the moment
Gender: female
Location:kelowna, b.c.
High weight:130
Low weight:95
Goal: 110
Eating disorder type: ana...but obviously need some help :(

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how much weight? [16 May 2006|04:30pm]

im 110 pounds ( 5'2) and wanna know how much weight i should be able to lose in 25 days?... do u guys thuink i could lose 5 pounds, 10 or even 15 in just 25 dyas?
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[11 May 2006|09:02pm]
hey everybody! its Ray- im really stoked because today i just felt really good and had some self-discipline- i had one bowl of oatmeal with 8 blueberries and 3 spoons of fat free vanilla yogurt - 300 calories max and 2 trim spa and a butt-load of diet soad :p and i just feel really good- keep me posted and thank you everyone for the support - see u guys soon *out* <3
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[10 May 2006|07:00pm]
hey everyone! im ray- a dude with ed nos - but id really like to start restricting and liquid fasting and stuff - not just for the summer but to feel good in my own skin and to lead a normal life- last year i was around 128 lbs and im about 6ft so - i was 19 then and now im almost 21 and 183 lbs.. yikes right ?! so any motivation or tips or buds who would like to add me- just comment or let me know- my aim is iL0veyoursN aol - same email - thanks for the support !! <3 *ray*
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[09 May 2006|07:57am]


oh, & add me!
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[06 May 2006|06:47am]

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join x_emo_anaz_x!!!
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[06 May 2006|01:27am]

hey girlies!! well i took everyones advice and drank actual water and not v8 splash and it worked i think!!! i realized that I LOVE WATER!!! so now i'm drinking TONS OF WATER, like 140oz a day, is that bad?

and i also cut back and i'm only eating foods that have NO SODIUM AT ALL, like broccoli and carrots and apples and such. i hope it works i dont want any nasty sodium cluttering up my body!! do you think thats bad as well? it could be but i dont care at all! i want to be skinny so bad!

i'm 5'1 and my goal weight is mk's goal weight - 88 pounds. i'm trying to get there by the end of may, right now i'm 109lbs. do you girls think thats possible?

add me! i'll add you back!!!
think thin and stay strong!
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[05 May 2006|08:10pm]
hey all- raymond *ray* here- a dude who has ana tendencies and really wanna get into it for the summer- restricting fasting etc. would love some support or buds for motivation- could be really awesome let me know ! just started my new journal- drop me a line sometime <3
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[04 May 2006|10:09am]
Ok, so this might seems a little weird to some people, but my goal is not to lose weight just to lose weight, it's to lose my curves and my boobs and my period because I hate being a girl. Anyway, I'm 5'4" and 125 right now. I starved myself a lot in high school, I was 90 pounds for a long time, I'd love to get back there. I got a lot of bulimic tendencies my first year of college, binging because I felt like crap about myself but then exercising it all off because I felt even crappier. So I gained weight, but have managed not to get too fat. Anyway, I don't want ANY body fat, damnit. I've been fasting for three days now. I forgot how good it feels, but how slowly the time goes by. I guess I just wanted to introduce myself, and if anyone has any advice, please feel free to give it. I'm trying so hard to hide this from my girlfriend, she's so protective and concerned.
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[04 May 2006|05:17am]

do you guys think that drinking 64oz of diet v8 splash is the same as drinking 64 oz water?

& does salt have calories? i think sometimes when i eat a lot of salt, i gain weight. why?
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